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  Nicole Fleshin is a singer-songwriter from Bradford, Ontario. Her edgy and energetic repertoire pulls strongly from both pop, and rock genres. Nicole released her first debut single Not For Me and is currently working on new music. Ready to hit the stage with new music and covers coupled with self expression. Nicole is excited to share her music, and her story.


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Nicole Fleshin is a singer-songwriter from Bradford, Ontario. Frequently compared to a young Avril Lavine and Lady Gaga, her edgy and energetic repertoire pulls strongly from both pop, and rock genres, with the intrigue of alternative music. With exploring themes of trust, self love, forgiveness, growth, and standing up for what you believe in, Nicole constructs the narrative of her life, and embraces wisdom through her music.

Passionate, bold vocals and heartfelt lyrics, coupled with self expression are captured in her debut single, Not for Me. “I find myself in places where I give so much of myself, time, and energy for people and l forget that I deserve the same energy back, Not for Me talks about letting go and doing what is best for me. People come and go in life, but music has always healed me and been there for me. Whether I’m listening to my favorite song or picking up the guitar - it always has empowered me, and it has made me find confidence within myself. I was bullied as a kid, and turned to music to process how I was feeling - that was my first song, and it forged my connection to this craft.”

Nicole collaborated with Nika Sinay, who directed the Not for Me music video. Also a performing arts theater, Smile Group Canada was featured in her video. In January of 2022 the song was released on streaming platforms along with the music video, which has over a thousand views on Youtube.

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Now fully expressing herself on Tiktok, Nicole is building a buzz on social media with +1400 followers, and remains active on Instagram and Tiktok. She is currently working to write more music for the new year in 2023. Nicole is most excited to perform and share her music, and her story.


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"Nicole is always such a pleasure to work with. Along with her talent and voice, Nicole is extremely hard working, adaptable and reliable. We know that we can always count on her to give a great performance!"

-Tasha Bain, Leisure Events and Marketing Programmer from Town of BWG office.

"Nicole's work ethic and dedication to her music shines through in her work. Her charisma, kindness, and positive outlook are very refreshing, and I'm exited to see what she does in the future."

-Tori Hathaway, Artistic Director, Canadian Musicians Co-operative Inc.

"Nicole has been my student for several years and has progressed a long way with her guitar skills. She has demonstrated a solid dedication to music with the desire to continually improve both technically and artistically. She has acquired abilities both as a performer and songwriter and has proven herself under the scrutiny of the public eye on many occasions. I have been very pleased to have her as a student and I expect that she will have an illustrious musical career."

-Xaver Dangl, guitar teacher from Bradford Academy of Music

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